Election Day Is 1 Month Away

Election day is one month from today!

As I’ve been meeting voters and residents of Lawrence County in the past few weeks, both door-to-door and at campaign events, I’ve had the opportunity to learn what is important to voters.

I am running for the Senate seat in District 31 because the interests of the people who live here are not being represented. I am listening to you. What I hear you saying is that what you value is not being represented in the Legislature in Pierre.

I believe that the current representation is holding residents back from achieving their best life and not preparing them for the future.

Some of those issues include the state being ranked 1st in the number of people without health care coverage, 47th in teacher salaries and the 3rd worst for state government ethics.

I don’t like those figures and I don’t think you do, either.

Let’s work together, a partnership, with my voice in the state Legislature to bring South Dakota to the present and into the future.

Please leave a comment or question on my Facebook page or send me an email. I want to hear from you!

Election day is one month from today. Register to vote, get a plan for election day to cast your ballot to make a difference.

The journey starts now and together we can do anything!

Early and absentee voting begins Sept. 21

Voter registration deadline is Oct. 22

Voter Information

2018 Candidate List

South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office

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