Service And Advocacy

Thank you to everyone who is helping with getting my message out and encouraging people to vote!

It’s been a great week with volunteers passing out fliers and helping spread my message of open government, health care and change. 20181021_131137 copy

I’ve been meeting some interesting voters and having great conversations about what you want to live your best life in the Black Hills.

My professional career was one of service and advocacy.

I am asking the people of Lawrence County (District 31), to take advantage of my experience in working collaboratively with individuals and entities to impact the quality of life of South Dakotans, such as being a founding member of the Northern Hills Alliance for Children that established the First Step Childcare and Preschool in Deadwood, and as a member of the steering committee for the South Dakota Tobacco Free Kids Network that successfully restricted access to tobacco products for youth and drove policy for smoke free public buildings.

20181014_142824 (1)
(credit: Sherry Bea Smith)

I can put those skills to work in Pierre to further improve the quality of life and meet the challenges of the future for South Dakotans.

Please contact me via email, my Facebook page or your preferred social media and let me know your concerns and questions. I am excited to share my thoughts with you about what I can do for you!

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