It’s Election Day!

It’s Election Day! The day we’ve been working toward is finally here. That means the real work is about to begin.

I hope everyone can cast their ballot today with a focus on the future and what it can hold. I can be your voice at the state Capitol in Pierre and represent what you want.

That is the entire idea behind “Government by the people, for the people.”

Many voters have been sharing their thoughts and opinions with me about what they would like to see happen in South Dakota and Lawrence County. I can make that happen for you. I understand that you haven’t been heard, that your wants are not being represented. I want to change that!

As we get excited about Election Day remember that your vote counts. I am ready to do the hard work to make change happen for you.

VOTE! Share your voting stories and pictures with me as we celebrate America and what it means to be an American by voting and taking your voice to the polls.

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