Thank You For A Great Campaign

Thank you for a great campaign. Unfortunately I called my opponent just after 9 p.m. on Election Day to congratulate him on winning State Senate District 31.

Even though I didn’t win, I really had a great time meeting voters and talking with people in the community. If anything comes out of this, maybe it’s that voters feel like they should have a voice at the state Capitol and that they can communicate with their elected officials and be fully represented.

I truly believe in everything we’ve done during this campaign, the volunteers who helped me shape my campaign and those who also chose to run in this election. It’s an honor to be an American, a Democrat and this is what Democracy is all about.

I learned a lot during this campaign. I am thankful to you for that.

People were encouraged to register to vote and get involved this year. Regardless of the outcome, the community was engaged in this election and paying attention! Hopefully more voters were able to cast ballots and it’s not time to give up.

Now is the time to keep paying attention and follow up with those who have been elected to make sure they are keeping their promises and working for us, those who live in Lawrence County, the Black Hills and South Dakota.

I want to thank everyone who helped with my campaign, either by handing out leaflets, posting a sign in your yard, checking in on Facebook or casting a ballot.


Your efforts will not be forgotten and we must continue to fight, keep the message relevant and keep talking. We are not just part of the conversation, we are making it.

It’s Election Day!

It’s Election Day! The day we’ve been working toward is finally here. That means the real work is about to begin.

I hope everyone can cast their ballot today with a focus on the future and what it can hold. I can be your voice at the state Capitol in Pierre and represent what you want.

That is the entire idea behind “Government by the people, for the people.”

Many voters have been sharing their thoughts and opinions with me about what they would like to see happen in South Dakota and Lawrence County. I can make that happen for you. I understand that you haven’t been heard, that your wants are not being represented. I want to change that!

As we get excited about Election Day remember that your vote counts. I am ready to do the hard work to make change happen for you.

VOTE! Share your voting stories and pictures with me as we celebrate America and what it means to be an American by voting and taking your voice to the polls.

Happy Election Day Eve!

It’s the eve of Election Day and that means a lot is riding on all the hard work we’ve done to get here. Now it’s time to urge everyone to get to the polls to cast their ballot!

It’s important that your voice be heard, not just on Election Day but every day and I’m here to make that promise to you, that I am listening and your opinion matters.

My job as your State Senator for District 31 in Pierre is to represent your interests and what matters to you.

I hope you remember me, Sherry Bea Smith, when you cast your ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Vote for me and you will see change at the state Capitol.

We can work together to make your life the best it can be!


The Importance Of Voting

Last week I had the pleasure of taking my mom, Helen, to vote in Rapid City where she lives. Mom is 90 years old and the whole absentee ballot process seemed a little daunting to her. I am a big proponent of absentee voting as an option for those who are unable to get to the polls on Election Day or early voting.

She believes that being physically present at the voting booth has a certain appeal so I drove her to the polls for early voting.

My parents were always very involved politically and voting wasn’t viewed as an option, but as a duty and privilege that was taken seriously. Now I appreciate the value my parents put on the political process.

I am excited to help engage the younger generation apply the same value to the political process and see what a difference they can make as voters.

With just a couple of days before Election Day, it is more important than ever to vote and make your voice heard! This is the only way to preserve our Democracy.

Candidate Forum Oct. 30

The Spearfish Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to join them at the District 31 Candidate Forum slated for Tuesday, October 30, 2018. The forum will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. at the High Plains Western Heritage Center.

All candidates for District 31 Senate and House have been invited to participate and plan to attend. The candidates for State Senator District 31 are Bob Ewing (I) and Sherry Bea Smith. For State Representative the candidates are Timothy R. Johns (I), Charles M. Turbiville (I), Naveen Malik, and Wyatt Osthus. The forum will be moderated by former State Representative Fred Romkema.

The public can submit questions in advance by emailing There will also be the opportunity to submit questions in written form at the event, which will then be read by the moderator to the candidates. Each candidate will have 1 minute to respond to the questions that are posed.

Service And Advocacy

Thank you to everyone who is helping with getting my message out and encouraging people to vote!

It’s been a great week with volunteers passing out fliers and helping spread my message of open government, health care and change. 20181021_131137 copy

I’ve been meeting some interesting voters and having great conversations about what you want to live your best life in the Black Hills.

My professional career was one of service and advocacy.

I am asking the people of Lawrence County (District 31), to take advantage of my experience in working collaboratively with individuals and entities to impact the quality of life of South Dakotans, such as being a founding member of the Northern Hills Alliance for Children that established the First Step Childcare and Preschool in Deadwood, and as a member of the steering committee for the South Dakota Tobacco Free Kids Network that successfully restricted access to tobacco products for youth and drove policy for smoke free public buildings.

20181014_142824 (1)
(credit: Sherry Bea Smith)

I can put those skills to work in Pierre to further improve the quality of life and meet the challenges of the future for South Dakotans.

Please contact me via email, my Facebook page or your preferred social media and let me know your concerns and questions. I am excited to share my thoughts with you about what I can do for you!

Voter Registration Deadline Is Oct. 22!

The time is now to get registered to vote. Really, it is now! That’s because the voter registration deadline is today, Monday, Oct. 22 at 5 p.m.

South Dakota’s secretary of state is encouraging state residents to register to vote for the Nov. 6 election.

This year, voters will to decide races for governor, U.S. House and state attorney general, not to mention other statewide offices and the Legislature. There are also five measures on the ballot.

And a big election in District 31- State Senate! I have been talking to you via door-to-door conversations, along with meet-and-greets all around the Black Hills.

I realize what is important to you and I want to represent you in Pierre.

What you are telling me is that you don’t think your interests are being represented. I believe that some of us have forgotten what it means to be truly represented at the state Capitol: your representatives are just that– your representatives meant to do what you want them to do.

That is what I am promising. Many of you are telling me that you don’t think your opinions are being fairly and accurately represented in the state Legislature.
That is what I want to change.

Remember Sherry Bea Smith at the polls Nov. 6. Early voting is underway and there is no time to waste in registering to vote! I can’t wait to be your voice in Pierre.

Residents must fill out and sign a voter registration form and get it to their county auditor’s office by 5 p.m. today (Monday, Oct. 22).

Current registered voters can confirm their registration status at the Secretary of State’s office voter information portal. Once there, voters can look up their polling place and view a sample ballot.

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs says South Dakotans value their right to vote and appreciate the freedom to voice opinions at the ballot box. Take advantage of that now!

Voter Information

2018 Candidate List

South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office

Election Day Is 1 Month Away

Election day is one month from today!

As I’ve been meeting voters and residents of Lawrence County in the past few weeks, both door-to-door and at campaign events, I’ve had the opportunity to learn what is important to voters.

I am running for the Senate seat in District 31 because the interests of the people who live here are not being represented. I am listening to you. What I hear you saying is that what you value is not being represented in the Legislature in Pierre.

I believe that the current representation is holding residents back from achieving their best life and not preparing them for the future.

Some of those issues include the state being ranked 1st in the number of people without health care coverage, 47th in teacher salaries and the 3rd worst for state government ethics.

I don’t like those figures and I don’t think you do, either.

Let’s work together, a partnership, with my voice in the state Legislature to bring South Dakota to the present and into the future.

Please leave a comment or question on my Facebook page or send me an email. I want to hear from you!

Election day is one month from today. Register to vote, get a plan for election day to cast your ballot to make a difference.

The journey starts now and together we can do anything!

Early and absentee voting begins Sept. 21

Voter registration deadline is Oct. 22

Voter Information

2018 Candidate List

South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office

Thank You Rapid City!

Thank you to everyone who turned out at the event at Prairie Edge Gallery on Thursday.

It was great to visit with everyone about the upcoming election.

This has been an interesting election season and it’s imperative that people understand how important it is to vote and make sure your voice is heard!